Word Problem of the Day

Word Problem of the Day

Ready for the next Word Problem of the Day?  Well here it is.  This word problem combines math fraction key concepts.  As well as other reasoning skills.


This problem, like the last one, has irrelevant information. Share your thoughts on what it is!

A Few Words on Irrelevant Information

The ability to ferret out irrelevant information in a word problem is a very worthwhile skill to have.  I really cannot over stress this point. In real-world scenarios you as well as your students are faced with word problems.  However these problems are sometimes convoluted with other facts that are irrelevant for solving the problem at hand.  Very rarely do things fit nicely where the answer "pops out".  I know this first-hand from being a teacher as well as an engineer.  Students (especially middle school students) must start developing the skills needed to "dissect" a word problem to remove the irrelevant stuff and keep only the essential portions for answering the question.



Please weigh in below on the solution. I will provide detailed solution later.


The Wait is Finally Over!

Fully explained detailed solution here!

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