Developing an Appreciation for Math through the Sciences

Wireless Electricity?

As a teacher as well as an engineer, I have a very deep appreciation for science and innovation. I love to see new ideas and creations come to life. But there is one common aspect that teachers should bear in mind and pass on to their students throughout this year. And it is that there is an unbreakable link between science innovation and mathematics. Middle school math teachers should foster an appreciation for math in their students by showing them how they are connected with math.  This will help to secure a future where innovation comes more natural to students and will therefore be a benefit of us all. 



Did you noticed the question that was asked on the way to developing and maturing this piece of innovation?  Notice that the question was:



Wireless Electricity!  “WiTricity”… Check out this video dealing with some of the advancements being made in innovation. 

Why can’t I just get the power a few feet from the wall to this phone?

The bottom line is that great questions provide the "spark" needed for innovation.  Almost every good innovation has math as one of the main aspects making it all work properly.


The Challenge

Challenge your students to ask questions then seek out the answer.  This can be practiced as they solve math problems.  Usually, there is more than one way to solve a math problem.  Challenge your students to ask themselves if they can come up with a different approach.

What do you think?  Do you think innovation stems from asking the questions?  How can finding multiple ways to solve math problems help condition the brain for increased innovation for the future? Please leave your thoughts below.


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